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Shiv Sena extremists attack Pak-India exhibition

NEW DELHI: The activists from hardline Hindu party, Shiv Sena on Saturday attacked Pak-India exhibition in Deradoon.

The Pak-India exhibition started on January 7 and will continue till January 10 in Deradoon, Jharkhand state of India.

Shiv Sena stormed the exhibition, shut the doors and chanted anti-Pakistan slogans. They also forced to shut Pakistani stalls.

Later, the local administration provided security to continue the exhibition, however, the activists changed its name.

This not the first time Shiv Sena has shown its anti-Pakistan sentiments. In October last, Activists of hardline Hindu party, angry at the launch of a former Pakistani foreign minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri’s book, doused the event organiser with black ink in Mumbai.

In the same month, the activists of Shiv Sena stormed the headquarters of the Indian cricket board in Mumbai, shortly before Indian cricket officials were scheduled to meet their Pakistani counterparts to discuss reviving cricket ties between the two nations.


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