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Sharif to fly to London for medical check-up

Amid the raging controversy surrounding his family over the ‘Panama Papers’ issue, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will fly to London tomorrow for a “routine medical check-up”.

“Sharif will undergo a routine medical check-up and spend some time with his grandchildren there,” an official from his office said today.

He said there is no serious issue with the Prime Minister but he needed a check-up which was overdue for quite some time.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister’s spokesman said Tuesday that PM Nawaz Sharif had neither desired any meeting with the leadership of Pakistan Peoples Party in London nor such was scheduled.

“The Prime Minister did not express desire to meet PPP leadership during his upcoming London visit,” spokesman Mussadek Malik said in a statement.

The spokesman said no such meeting was scheduled.

Sharif had originally planned to go to Turkey today to attend a meeting of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) but changed the plan and now president Mamnoon Hussian is expected to represent Pakistan in Turkey.

Observers say the sudden departure of the Prime Minister on a private trip may draw the ire of the opposition parties that are agitating against Sharif’s two sons and one daughter for having offshore companies as pointed out in the Panama Papers.

The Prime Minister and his family have dismissed allegations of money laundering and denied any wrongdoing but the opposition is demanding an independent probe.

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