Senate also remembers APS martyrs

ISLAMABAD – Senators on Wednesday called for sustained continuity of on-going campaign against terrorism and extremism as the upper house of the parliament held a debate on the first anniversary of the Army Public School Peshawar tragedy.Around 132 children including teachers were killed in a terror attack on December 16, 2014 when a group of terrorists had entered the school building and opened indiscriminate fire on innocent.The upper house of the parliament suspended the normal agenda for discussion on the APS incident that had shocked the nation and united it in the resolve to root out the scourge of militancy and terrorism.A rich tribute was paid to the kid-martyrs of APS as Senators emphasised that their sacrifices would be remembered for ever and inspire the nation to make Pakistan a terror-free country and focus on well being of the common man through justice, fair-play, good governance and economic progress.


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