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Schools closed in Punjab due to intense cold

LAHORE: The Punjab government announced to close all private and public sector schools from January 26 to 31 due to harsh winter conditions.

According to a notification issued here, the decision has been taken in the wake of intense cold weather in the province. Schools will re-open on February 1, 2016. However, colleges and universities will remain open in their continuing routine.

According to Punjab`s Minister for Education Rana Mashood, the decision for the closure of schools was made after consensus during high level meeting in view of the extremely cold weather. Mashood stated that the attendance in schools since the past 4-5 days had been extremely low due to the weather. Meanwhile President of Private Schools Association Kashif Mirza has refused closing the schools saying that the announcement was made late in the night. Mirza stated that closing schools when final sessions are underway in educational institutions will negatively impact the studies of children. Routine life in Punjab has ground to a halt due to the extreme cold. The northern areas of the province are experiencing heavy snowfall while fog has blanketed the plain areas. Citizens have complained that its been weeks since the sun has shone with the skies mostly remaining grey throughout the day.

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