SC orders NAB to finalize Bahria Town land inquiry within 45 days

Karachi: The Supreme Court ordered the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to finalize its report regarding alleged illegal allotment of state land to Bahria Town within 45 days on Thursday.

According to the details, a two-judge bench comprising Justices Amir Hani Muslim and Khilji Arif Hussain directed the NAB to finalize its report and to file a reference against the culprits before the administrative judge.

The bench directed instructions regarding several cases of illegal allotment of land and adjustment of land in 43 Dehs by the Malir Development Authority during the hearing.

NAB Prosecutor General Waqas Qadeer Dar filed a provisional investigation report along with a copy of the survey report prepared by the Directorate of Survey of Pakistan and informed the bench that the inquiry had been concluded and investigations regarding the matter are underway.

The Prosecutor General said “We need more time to complete assessment of at least 9000 Dehs and acquire record from different departments.”

Justice Hani asked him why more time was requires to investigate the matter while NAB had concluded its investigation. He remarked, “NAB is an independent institution, but that does not entitle it to keep on investigating matters for two or three years and cause harassment to people.” NAB was bound to complete the investigation within a stipulated time.

The NAB counsel said the matter was very important and the NAB’s investigators were working hard on it. He said the case investigation officer had to record the statements of witnesses, and acquire survey report from the Directorate of Survey of Pakistan, which would take time.

The counsel requested the court to more time of 4 months to NAB to conclude its investigation but after hearing the Prosecutor General, the court granted 45 days to NAB to complete investigation against Bahria Town.

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