Saudi Royal Prince beheadedfor murder

Riyadh: A member of Royal family beheaded for murder in Saudi Arabia on Tuesday.

According to Saudi Ministry of Interior, Prince Turki bin Saud al-Kabir, was decapitated in the capital city of Riyadh for slaughtering a young Saudi man during a clash in the al-Thumama region of Riyadh.

He was the 134th person who received the death penalty this year in Saudi Arabia.

Arab media reported that Saudi Arabia’s top court confirmed the ruling of death penalty by Saudi court. It stated that the prince was executed after the victim’s family denied the offers of ‘blood money’.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement, “King Salman’s keenness on enforcement of security, justice and God’s judgments.”

He added more by saying, “Legitimate punishment would be the fate of whoever tries to assault innocent people and shed their blood.”

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