Sanders crushes Hillary in Washington, Alaska Democratic caucuses

WASHINGTON – Bernie Sanders won overwhelming victories in the states of Washington and Alaska on Saturday, narrowing Hillary Clinton’s still significant lead in the race for delegates to win the Democratic nomination for president.Sanders defeated Hillary in Washington’s caucuses 75 per cent to 25 per cent and 79 per cent to 21 per cent in Alaska’s, with about 38 per cent and 72 per cent of the states’ precincts reporting.“We knew from day one we were going to have a hard time politically in the Deep South – that is a conservative part of the country,” Sanders told supporters in Madison, Wisconsin.

“But we knew things were going to improve as we head west. We are making significant inroads in Secretary Clinton’s lead. We have a path towards victory.”The most delegates were at stake in Washington, where Sanders drew more than 15,000 people to a Friday rally at Seattle’s Safeco Field. Washington, Alaska and Hawaii, which also held caucuses on Saturday, all award delegates proportionally to precinct results.Sanders’ victories follow a dominant series of performances in the states that have caucused so far. The senator has fared best in contests dominated by party activists, and won in each except for those of two early states, Iowa and Nevada, where he narrowly lost


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