Salman Khan defends brother Sohail after incident

Actor Salman Khan has risen to the defence of his brother Sohail Khan, who got embroiled in a spat with a mediaperson over questions about the Dabangg star’s impending wedding.

On Thursday night, Sohail had reportedly misbehaved with a journalist when asked to comment on rumours about Salman’s wedding plans with his rumoured Romanian girlfriend, Iulia Vantur.

Sohail, their father, Salim Khan, and mother had gone for dinner at a restaurant in Bandra here where he was asked about Salman’s wedding plans. Sohail reportedly lost his cool and abused the reporter.

At an event in Mumbai on Friday, when Salman was asked if he was aware of the incident, he retorted: “He didn’t misbehave. I don’t think he will misbehave.”

Salman urged the media to refrain from hounding his family members, especially his parents.

“We are young people, you can do it with us. You wouldn’t like it if we do it with your parents … Have some respect.”

Salman said Sohail was concerned for the elders.

Blaming the media for the situation, Salman said: “He [Sohail] was not abusing you. He was feeling [expletive] about this situation that took place. If you guys had behaved yourself, it wouldn’t have happened.

“You guys were provoking [him]. What is this ridiculous statement you want to find out at 12’o’ clock at night about whether I want to get married or not? Media should maintain decorum.”

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