Sale of petrol in cans, bottles banned

Rawalpindi:  The Civil Defence has imposed a ban on sale of open petrol in cans and bottles during Muharram and it has been decided to launch an operation against the shopkeepers selling uniforms of police, rangers and army.
According to details, a crackdown has started against agencies and filling stations selling petrol to those other than vehicles. The civil defence officials sealed 11 agencies for selling petrol in the open. A notification has also been issued in this connection to petrol pumps owners telling them in categorical term not to sell petrol in cans and bottles; otherwise strict action would be initiated against them. Selling of Army, police and Rangers uniforms is also declared a crime, and soon crackdown would be initiated against the shopkeepers involved in the business.
Meanwhile a comprehensive security plan has been drawn up by the Rawalpindi administration to ensure peace and order during Muharram. In addition to deployment of police and rangers, CCTV cameras have been installed at the exit and entry points of the city and on the route of the main Muharram procession.

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