The 8th Finance Ministerial Meeting of SAARC was chaired by Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Shrif held at Islamabad. Different SAARC members including Federal Ministers, Parliament members and Ambassadors attended the meeting.

Pakistan Finance Minister Ishaq Dar in his inaugural speech welcomed to all representatives of SAARC member countries. He maintained that South Asian Region is rich with natural resources and man power. Steps taken for Regional economic cooperation will not only strengthen the region economically but also will improve the living standards of the citizens of member states. He praised that recommendations of this meeting be implemented with heart and soul.

Prime Minister Nawaz Shreef praised the sole aim of SAARC maintaining peace and security in the region more than 30 years. Had the SAARC agenda been maintained properly, poverty and backwardness of the region had been eliminated ages ago. He adjourned Pakistan’s honest intention of maintaining regional peace and stability that could counter the social evils.

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