Ruby Rose on Conan: It must be hard for Justin Bieber

Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber has made her late-night television debut.

Down Under’s newest export Ruby Rose, who has a starring role on Orange is the New Black, sat down with Conan O’Brien to talk all things tattoos, fame and the Biebs.

“You’re obviously very striking, very beautiful. You get a lot of comparisons to… people say you look exactly like Justin Bieber,” O’Brien states.

“I do, I do,” Rose concedes.

Rose has been fielding such comments since she hit the big time as the new inmate Stella Carlin in Season 3 of the Netflix show. She even got together with Bieber to pose for a photo to confuse the world even more.

But speaking to O’Brien, the actress and DJ had only sympathy for her doppelgänger, joking that he must have a hard time being compared to her.

“I hear that he gets asked a lot if he is Ruby Rose, and it must be frustrating for him,” she said, before turning it hilariously back on O’Brien. “But I feel like you can relate because you look like a mixture of Tilda Swinton, Meryl Streep and Joel Edgerton.”

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