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Rs 380,433m allocated for Power Division

ISLAMABAD: The government has allocated Rs 380,433.458 million with foreign assistance of Rs 55,224.230 for various power projects of the Water and Power Division under the Public Sector Development Programme (2016-17).

According to the budgetary documents released here on Friday, for WAPDA (hydro power project), Rs 163,458 have been earmarked for different schemes, including Rs 163,288 million for ongoing schemes, while Rs 170 million for new schemes.

Among the ongoing schemes, Rs 61,453 million have been allocated for Neelum-Jhelum Hydro Power Project, which will add 128 megawatts of electricity to the national grid system.

According to the documents, Rs 42,177 million have been allocated for Dasu power project, Rs 18,360 million for the construction of 4,500MW Diamer-Basha Dam project and Rs 16,487 million for 141MW Tarbela fourth extension hydro power project.

Among the new schemes, an amount of Rs 100 million has been earmarked for up-gradation of Kurram powerhouse from 3.7 to 8MW. For different projects of PEPCO, Rs 216,975 have been earmarked, including Rs 197,871.088 million for ongoing and Rs 19,104.370 million for new schemes.

Rs 30,000 million have been earmarked for two 1,200MW LNG-based power plants in Baloki and Haveli Bahadurshah. Rs 19,060.580 million have been allocated for installation of new coal fired power plants having capacity of 2,660MW at Jamshoro.

Similarly, an amount of Rs 10,753 million has been allocated for a Thar power project, which will generate 1,200 MW of electricity. An amount of Rs 8,200 million has been allocated for power transmission from Neelum-Jehlum hydro power project, Rs 5,400 million for 1,320MW power plant at Bin Qasim and Rs 4,400 million for IESCO’s advance metering infrastructure project.

Rs 3,805 million has been allocated for Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project, IESCO, Rs 3,834 million for the construction of 500 KV T/L for Disposal of Power of 747 MW from Guddu, Rs 3,459 million for Evacuation of Power from 2160 MW Dasu HPP Stage-I and Rs 2,200 million each for six secondary transmission and grids (SEPCO) and seventh STG LESCO.


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