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Rs 13.75 billion approved by NHA for Punjab, Balochistan

ISLAMABAD: A plan to build the Rakhi Gajj-Bewata road, which will connect Balochistan and Punjab at a cost of Rs 13.75 billion, was approved by the National Highway Authority (NHA).
Approval for the 11.6km portion of the N-70 national highway was granted during a meeting of the NHA executive board. The existing road, according to the authority’s spokesman, has extremely sharp curves, steep grades and is in a bad condition. It covers a mountainous area with elevations ranging from 1,000 metres to 1,600m. The contract for widening a nd strengthening the section has been given to a Japanese construction company, Taisei Corporation.
The board was informed that the Multan-Qila Saifullah N-70 ran through the centre of the country and linked the eastern cities with the western part. It is also part of the shortest route between the Wagah border with India and the Taftan crossing point for Iran through Lahore and Quetta — about 1,627km. With the planned improvement project, the east-west corridor will be shortened by about 200km.
The project, the board was informed, would contribute towards safe and effective transportation for heavy vehicles and enhance the socio-economic environment of the area.

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