Ronaldo shines again

MADRID: Ronaldo is happy, something that makes all of Real Madrid happy too. With qualification for Euro 2016 in the bag with Portugal, the No. 7 received the additional honour of a fourth Golden Shoe in an event which turned into a personal tribute for his fourth such prize.

The ceremony on Tuesday came shortly after another homage, this time in Madrid itself, where he was hailed for becoming, on some people’s count at least, the club top-scorer. Cristiano Ronaldo has stolen back focus, after a summer where his image appeared to become fainter inside the Blancos. These gestures do not just feed his ego. They also increase his ambition.
He feels recognised, and is immediately thinking of the next tribute to him. To put it another way, he is ready to earn a new tribute. Cristiano, and as a consequence Real Madrid, grow in this fashion.
There has been a very public flirtation between the two in recent days. Some of this may be exaggerated, but the volume of talk about the continuing of the affair suggests that there must be some truth behind the courtship. On the one hand Madrid are saying they hope Cristiano Ronaldo keeps them happy “for many more years”.

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