Robotics would destroy the world

By Hafsa Amman

 It is called that Science is a blessing. We are well aware of the fast growing advancement in our recent world because of science. Where it is bringing comfort and easiness for humanity there it has a long time hazardous impacts on our society too. From recent past we take some wonderful creations of science which are called as blessing and abuses for humanity. We know the usage of bombs, drones for human destruction. Beside it we are also blessed with computer, mobiles and other useful technology.

We always discuss the good impacts of computer in our lives but have you ever notices its bad impacts???

There was a time when many typists were used to type but then the computer came which now performs the task of many people alone in a short time. In this way typist were gone back-side and many of them had to live hand to mouth because of it. In the same way binders were to bind the pages of books one by one but then the machines came and did this long task in hours which took of the jobs of several people. No doubt, technology brought speedy work and comfort for humans but we can not deny its worst impacts on society.


To this extent it was bearable but in the run of more advancement we are going to spoil the culture of the planet. The robotics making me tensed because of the recent news about Foxconn Technology Group (a multinational Electronics contract manufacturing company) which replaced 60,000 workers with robots. Although they claimed that it’s not a step to minimize the human jobs but economists foretold that robots will takeover most of the human jobs which would create massive unemployment all around the world. People would prefer capital investment rather than to pay again and again for various tasks to human workers.

It is not the very first example of this type but before it many of us have listened about “Henn-na Hotel” in Japan which has robotic staff in it. Wouldn’t you think that jobs of human beings are stolen by machines in this way? And in future; such un-employment would create major economical problems; such as more poverty, joblessness, which may ruin the world.

Our geniuses forget that we have limited resources as compared to our problems.

There might be some proposed solutions in their minds but how long they would work. If it is thought that people will bless with welfare payments or basic income then it’s almost impossible. Majority of the states would never own this responsibility; as manpower is the major resource to create wealth for any state. The taxes levied on their pays/income are the major source of states functioning. So, how would you imagine that a welfare payments or basic income is possible without humans’ working? The question comes what would do then?

Those who have no other source of income may be involved in illegal activities such as snatching, robbery etc. Might be their biggest target would be industrialists as they would thought that their jobs and happiness are snatched by them.

It is going to be quite obvious that our innovation is harmful for ourselves then why we are reluctant to ban it. If we can not ban them then the applicable solution for it should be found earlier as it is said that in upcoming decade almost 35% human jobs would be replaced by robots.

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