Rising Pak-India tensions cost Mawra Hocane her second Bollywood stint

Mawra Hocane lost a Bollywood movie amid rising tensions between the two neighbouring countries, Indian media reported. Director Abhishek Jawkar who planned to cast Mawra in his movie ‘Not a Prostitute’ said he had reconsidered his decision following tensions between the two countries, the Indian Express reported. “I will not work with any Pakistani actors in my upcoming film Not a Prostitute or in my future projects also. I was planning to cast Pakistani actress Mawra Hocane as the leading lady of my film Not a Prostitute,” Jawkar said. Mawra had previously acted in Bollywood movie Sanam Teri Qasam. Extremist groups in India have threatened Pakistani artists working in Bollywood. Some Indian artists like Salman Khan, Mahesh Bhat and Karan Johar have reacted strongly to these extremist groups saying that artists only promote peace. Artist Fawad Khan who also received threats remained silent on the issue while Mahira Khan who is starring next to Shahrukh Khan in upcoming movie Raees shared a post by a fan on Facebook which calls for peace among the two countries.

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