Research needed to eliminate rats, says zoologists

PESHAWAR: Zoologists have demanded thorough research to determine the origins of rats that have infested the city and find ways to exterminate the rodent biologically. Zaigham Hasan, assistant professor of the zoology at University of Peshawar, has said the increasing population of rats cannot be eliminated through toxicants or carrying out a combat operation against them.

“The population of these rats is increasing at an alarming speed,” he said. “They can only be eliminated by spreading a disease among them medically or biologically.” According to Hasan, a combat operation can significantly reduce the population of rodents for only a short period of time.

Hasan said the zoology department is ready to cooperate with the provincial government to find out solution to the increasing population of giant rats which are now posing a serious health hazard. He said if the population of these rats is not controlled they will not only cause more difficulties.

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