Replaced, new Samsung Note 7 causes airplane evacuation after emitting smoke

A Baltimore-bound flight was forced to evacuate crew and passengers after a Samsung device began emitting smoke. The owner said the company had replaced his phone just 2 weeks prior following a recall.

A Southwest Airlines flight was evacuated on Wednesday, apparently after a Samsung device caught fire. Around 75 people, passengers and crew members, were forced to leave the Baltimore-bound plane in Louisville Kentucky after the overheated Samsung Galaxy Note 7 smartphone started emitting smoke.

No one was injured, airport authorities said.

According to the family who owned the phone, it was a replacement sent to them after a string of fires and property damage caused Samsung to issue a universal recall. Local media reported that Brian Green of Indiana noticed his phone making a popping noise and caught fire as he was shutting it down. He said Samsung had shipped it to him only two weeks prior.


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