Reham Khan

Reham Khan joins NEO TV, announces to start her program soon

KARACHI: Reham Khan announced to join Neo TV today as she has arrived in NEO TV Head office in Lahore where she was warmly welcomed by the staff.

Earlier, she arrived in Pakistan after spending just over a month in London and visited Neo News Office. 

Talking to media outside airport in Lahore she said she is really happy to come back to Pakistan — her motherland. She said she was a little nervous but got immense love after reaching here.

Reham Khan arrived Karachi earlier today (Thursday) and later took flight for Lahore, with Journalist Mubeen Rasheed.

Earlier, she arrived at the Heathrow airport with journalist Mobeen Rasheed, who had invited her to a media conference a month ago and will now produce her show on a Neo Tv.

After her arrival in Lahore, Reham Khan was welcomed by Director News of Neo Tv Nasrullah Malik and came to Neo Tv head office. Talking to media in Neo head office she said she will continue her career as journalist and aims to bring change in society. She highly encouraged females role in media. She formally announced to join NEO TV and start her program “Tabdeeli” very soon.   r1

Reham Khan, ex-wife of cricketer Imran Khan also said Media reporting should be represent  true picture.

“I am a Pathan and I know how to sacrifice my life,” she said in a reply to volley of questions by journalists about threats to her life.

Reham Khan is facing “serious security threats in Pakistan” but she is determined to stay and work in the country after her divorce with former cricket star-turned politician Imran Khan, a source close to Reham said on Wednesday.


“Reham Khan has been issued threats online and in emails. She has been warned of very serious consequences. She has proofs available which show that threats to her life are serious and she is worried that she may be attacked,” said the source close to her.

The source said that Reham Khan has not asked for “security protection” from the government but “her fears are genuine and some people are out to harm her for point scoring”. Reham has said that she will campaign for the rights of Pakistani women as well as for the welfare of street children.


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