Raza Haroon

Raza Haroon joins Mustafa Kamal party

KARACHI – The MQM former provincial lawmaker and former Sindh minister for Information Technology Raza Haroon today (Monday) joined party of Mustafa Kamal.

Addressing a press conference in Karachi, Raza Haroon said that Kamal took a brave step on March 3. It was a proof of his patriotism.

He said that Kamal stood against the oppressors and started a battle for justice.

“When the MQM was formed, it was against feudalism, it was for the middle class rights. All that ideology is lost somewhere,” he said.

“I joined the MQM because I believed in an ideology. That ideology is no more. The middle class members have now become feudal lords,” he said.

The MQM did not fulfill its promises, he said, adding that the party was not created to ‘worship  a single person.

The patriotic Mohajir community has ended up being labelled “RAW agents”, he said.

Haroon said: “It’s been one year since the BBC issued RAW-funding allegations against the party and its leadership but the party has yet to approach courts over these allegations”.

Commenting on Lahore High Court’s ban on Altaf Hussain’s images and speeches, he said it was a “blessing in disguise” and many leaders of the party were also happy over the ban.

Former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leaders Mustafa Kamal and Anis Kaimkhani arrived in Karachi on March 3 and announced to form their own party. Ever since, disgruntled leaders of the MQM have joined the Mustafa Kamal-led unnamed breakaway faction. Ali Mohammad Memon and colourful personalities like ‘Chacha Pakistani’ kept arriving at the former Mayor’s residence even late in the night to show their support and congratulate him.

Former Sindh health minister Dr Sagheer Ahmed ended his 28-year-long association with the MQM and joined Kamal. Further, Iftikhar Alam, the MQM’s provincial lawmaker from its traditional stronghold of Azizabad, and Waseem Aftab, a former Rabita Committee member who also once headed the powerful Karachi Tanzeemi Committee, announced they were parting ways with the MQM and joining Kamal and company at a news conference.

Kamal’s party now has five members, including two sitting MPAs Alam and Dr Sagheer Ahmed, who joined them earlier this week. In response to MQM’s leader Farooq Sattar’s statement, the former mayor had earlier said that Sattar is very oppressed but innocent, he still has to stay in the MQM. He further said that he wanted to congratulate the captive-members who have been owned by the MQM for the very first time.

Earlier, Kamal said that he never talked to former home minister Zulfiqar Mirza and stated that people were supporting him as a new hope. The ex-mayor added that he would visit every village of Pakistan. He said that that the MQM did not want to redeem its workers but wants to keep them behind bars for a reason. He explained that he has never supported the criminals and has always thought about the reasons that made them criminals.


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