RAW agent’s arrest: Nisar cautions media on reporting against Iran


Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan said that Pakistan would further try to enhance ties with Iran and media should not avoid maligning Iran over arrest of Indian agent Kulbhushan Yadev, Neo News reported.

“Although RAW agent had Irani passport and arrested from Irani border but Iran has never been involved in spreading militancy in Pakistan,” he said.

In a press conference, Ch Nisar said Iran always supported Pakistan in every thick and thin and its soil was never used against Pakistan. “The way a section of media covered story of arrest of RAW agent, it spread apprehension among the Iranian leadership after which I talked to Iranian diplomat in Pakistan and addressed their concerns,” he said. “Iranian President has also declared Pakistan’s security as Iran’s security.”

“There is no need to have a secret meeting with the Army Chief,” he said while talking about rumours about his and CM Punjab’s meeting with COAS General Raheel Sharif.

On the issue of Musharraf case, Ch Nisar said that Musharraf’s name was put on ECL after Supreme Court’s decision in 2013. “Last government even could not do this although he was culprit in Benazir Murder Case and was registered in an FIR but now today everyone is blaming us, “he said. “Our government pursued this case with full strength and obeyed the decision of special court,” he explained.

“After exclusion of his name from ECL by Supreme Court, we opposed this decision and told the court that he will not come back,” the minister said. “We rejected Musharraf’s three appeals for going abroad but he appealed to the Sindh High Court who allowed him to go abroad even without the permission of Interior Minister,” he explained.

“The Supreme Court held the decision of Sindh High Court,” he added. “After that decision we were bound to follow that decision, we could not stop him,” Nisar claimed.

Talking about Mumtaz Qadri supporters protest in Red Zone, Ch Nisar accepted that no such march would be allowed in future.

“At least 10,000 people were marching towards Islamabad and police due to lack of force could not stop them,” he said. “The Ulema also broke an agreement signed with Punjab Government on occasion of Chehlum of Mumtaz Qadri,” Nisar claimed.


“We did not want any bloodshed. Till last day I inform the PM about possible operation against protesters,” the minister said. “Most of the leaders wanted to launch operation but two senior ministers insisted upon resolving the issue throu talks,” he stated.


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