Rare Tiger Shark accidentally caught

Karachi: A fishermen, Noor Muhammad, accidentally caught a giant tiger shark in Karachi by about 186 km south in the Indus swathe area off Keti Bunder on Sunday.

This 550 kg shark is 3.8 meters in length. The tiger shark with its vicious nature is widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian, Pacific and Atlantic oceans.

Noor Muhammad, trained to collect data for tuna fisheries by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) – Pakistan, he told that a dead shark was accidentally captured from the water, a mechanical lifting device was used to handle and preserve this too large shark. The male tiger shark was brought to the Karachi Fish Harbour where it was weighed and auctioned for Rs55,000 and converted into finger fish for sale in the market.

According to him, “its liver weighed about 150 kg and around 120 liters of oil was extracted from it, which will be used to smear the hull of fishing boats to keep them smooth and free from fouling organisms”.

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