Loggerhead turtle

Rare loggerhead turtle caught in Pakistan

A WWF-Pakistan trained fisherman Hasnat Khan caught, for the first time, a loggerhead turtle, a rare marine turtle hitherto unknown from Pakistani waters, in his net which was later safely released back into the sea. The turtle became entangled in the net of the fisherman about 166 km southwest of Karachi.

The Loggerhead turtle weighted about 30 kg and was safely retrieved on board the fishing vessel Al-Saquib Farman.

Sharing his views about turtle rescue operation, Hasnat Khan informed that when he noticed different markings on the turtle’s back, he thought that it was a different marine turtle species which has not been observed by them before in Pakistani waters.

He also said that with the support of his crew men, he carefully removed the turtle from the net, measured its weight and length and then released it back into waters.

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