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Rangers will continue Karachi operation, PM tells Qaim

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Sindh Chief Minister Qaim Ali Shah agreed on Wednesday to continue Karachi operation jointly and to amicably resolve all differences between the Centre and the provincial government.

During the meeting between the prime minister and the Sindh chief minister at the PM House in Islamabad the real cause of contention, an earlier notification by Interior Ministry to extend special powers of Sindh Rangers in Karachi, was not discussed, sources said.

The prime minister is said to have carefully listened to the concerns and reservations raised by Qaim Ali Shah and his delegation and promised to address all the concerns with sincerity.

Meanwhile, both agreed if any issue between the Centre and the Sindh government emerges in the future, they would sit together, discuss it and would resolve it through dialogue.

PM Nawaz pointed out that the federal government has provided Rs 25 billion to the Sindh government so far in terms of the expenditure incurred on the Karachi operation.

However, sources said the prime minister categorically rejected two major demands presented by the Sindh government regarding the clipping of powers of the paramilitary force to arrest any political figure on corruption charges and to raid any Sindh government buildings.

Further, the prime minister directed Minister for Interior Affairs Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan to coordinate and address the concerns of the Sindh government and informed the chief minister that the Rangers will continue its operation under the notification of interior ministry, sources revealed. On Tuesday, after his arrival in Islamabad, Qaim Ali Shah held meetings with the Pakistan Peoples Party’s (PPP) senior leaders to devise the strategy for his meeting with PM Nawaz.

Last week, rejecting the Sindh government’s summary of giving conditional powers to Rangers in Karachi, the federal government had directly provided legal cover to the paramilitary force with full powers under the anti-terrorism laws.

The top PPP leadership has already decided against going to court over the federal government’s notification on Rangers powers. But the party will take up this issue in the parliament and all available forums to register their protest.

The Sindh government believes the paramilitary forces or the federal departments have no authority to interfere in provincial affairs and before taking any action they are under an obligation to seek the chief minister’s permission.


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