Rangers play key role in Karachi peace: Corps Commander  

KARACHI: Corps Commander Karachi, Lieutenant General Naveed Mukhtar has commended Sindh Rangers for peace in the port city.Addressing a passing out parade at Pakistan Rangers Sindh Training Centre Karachi here Thursday, General Naveed Mukhtar said, “The paramilitary force plays central role in restoring peace in Karachi.”The Corps Commander went on to say that there should not be any ambiguity on the completion of Karachi operation, adding that it is impartial, completely non-political and free from any pressure.Lt General Naveed Mukhtar said the Rangers are considered a very brace and admirable force in Sindh and the credit for this goes to the officers and personnel of the force.

He told the passing out batch that they are not individuals but representatives of the paramilitary force and every action will reflect back on the Rangers as an institution.The Corps Commander reiterated that the paramilitary force will continue to play its role in providing safety and security to the people of the province.While appreciating the many successes of the operation in Karachi he highlighted one as the most important; the rekindling of hope among the people. He termed the approval and support of the people as the most important pillar in achieving success.The Corps Commander appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Rangers in promoting sports and social activities and stressed that the people of Karachi must be provided a peaceful environment where the citizens are not fearful for their lives and property and where the supremacy of law and peace prevails.

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