Raja Captain Sarwar shaheed

Raja Captain Sarwar shaheed (Death Anniversary)

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They are very kind people who sacrificed their life and soul to the country. They devoted themselves for the society and country. They love them so much therefore they are brave to die for the country. Guess who they are?

Our Military Man, Yes one of them is ‘’ Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed’’

Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar Shaheed was born on November 10, 1910 in Gujar Khan. Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar started his education from Islamia High School from Faislabad.

Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar had 3 Siblings.

Journey from Guard from Captain:

Captain Sarwar Shaheed started his career as a guard but he became a

Permanent army guard within four years due to his credibility, effectiveness and Loyalty.

During the Second World War he got a lot of promotion and in 1944 he became second lieutenant.


In 1946, he was sent to Punjab regiment and six months before the partition of sub-continent he became Captain.


The Sign Of Braveness (Nishan-e- Haider)

This Medal has been given to soldiers who have given their all or performed extraordinary feats on the battlefield. Captain was one of them. The medal is not something that soldiers seek to receive. It is a medal unlike any other in the ranks of the military. He was the first one who earned ‘’Nishan Haider’’

He had served in the Pakistan Army for 19 years until his death in 1948.

Man Of Courage:

Courage is something that is reflected and reciprocated, and is by no means, inherent. He Possessed

In 1947, he volunteered to take part in the battalion organised by the Pakistani Army with the purpose of retaking Kashmir.

During the Kashmir Operations, as Company Commander. Captain Sarwar triggered an attack causing too many casualties against a strongly fenemy position located in the Uri Sector.

His battalion was subject to under heavy machine gun, grenade, and mortar fire.


Peak Perfomance in Sports:

He got healthy spirit from his childhood,  He was very good at football and kabbadi.

In Memory Of Captain’s Pride:

Sarwar Shaheed College has been named in Gujar Khan due to his service for the country.

Sarwar Road situated in the Lahore Cantonment has been named in his honour as well.

Other Award:

Captain Muhammad Sarwar also received the award of Mahaz-e-Burma from the British government.


National Hero:

So, what is a hero? In the ultimate since it is someone who is willing to sacrifice himself, or put his self in danger to protect or save other people.
Captain Sarwar knew of the dangers and risks to his life when he headed to fight the enemy of Pakistan, but his patriotism and bravery lead him to the war zone, where he fought with all his might, guided the troops stationed under him and defeat the enemy. Indeed, His memory will live on in our hearts.

Dr. Alama Muhammad Iqbal Said:

Yeh Ghazi , Yeh Teray Pursurar Bunday

Jinhain tu nay baksha hay zouq Khudai

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