Qandeel Baloch opens up about her Mufti Qavi’s episode in detail

LAHORE: Very much in news and want-to-be famous actress and singer Qandeel Baloch has finally spoken openly to media in a press conference about Mufti Abdul Qavi scandal today at Lahore Press Club.

Previous week a few selfies of Qandeel Baloch with Mufti Abdul Qavi went viral on social media and following that a few days later a video was posted by the model herself. In which, Qandeel captured herself and Mufti Abdul Qavi meeting for the very first time and mentioned how long awaited this meeting was for both Mufti Qavi and her.

This incident raised many questions and people reacted through their Twitter and Facebook like a storm.

Application was filed against Mufti Qavi after the selfies went viral and video was released on the internet. The petition contended that the recent pictures of Qandeel Baloch with Mufti Qavi that went viral on social media have hurt sentiments of masses.

The petitioner asked the Multan DCO to bar the cleric from administering Eid ul Fitr prayers at Bagh-e-Langah Khan.

The controversial Qandeel therefore held this conference and answered all the questions. She said that, ‘Qandeel only tells the truth’.

The actress claimed that she became the reason why Mufti Qavi has been exposed. She doesn’t fear anybody, she said.

“I’m the reason why Mufti Qavi is in Allah’s grip”, Qandeel Baloch.

She said she became the source to all this and helped expose Mufti in front of everyone.

Qandeel said that she has received death threats after the incident with Mufti Qavi. She had demanded security from Federal Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar.

She said, “I will hold interior ministry responsible if anything happens to me or my family.”

“I am also a Muslim and a daughter of this nation,” she added.

She declared such Mufti’s as defamers who defame Islam behind closed doors.

The whole incident seems to be very confusing because in one of the selfies Qandeel is wearing Mufti’s signature hat while he is on the phone right next to her. Neither the pictures nor the video shows that she had no concerns over meeting Mufti Qavi.


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