Qaim Ali Shah

Qaim Ali Shah signs summary on Rangers’ extension in Sindh

KARACHI: Sindh Chief Minister, Qaim Ali Shah has signed a summary forwarded by the Sindh Home Ministry today regarding extension in Rangers’ policing powers in the province. The summary will be forwarded to the Ministry of Interior, according to reports.

Later, a final notification regarding extension in Rangers’ powers will be issued by the Ministry of Interior. On the other hand, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has directed the federal ministers to refrain from further reacting on the issue.

According to reports, the federal government has also started a tripartite consultation in order to adopt a new strategy on the issue. PM Nawaz has also decided to include the army in the consultation.

Sources say that a long discussion was held on the issue in CM House, Sindh. A decision was made during the consultation that Sindh government will not cooperate with the Rangers, if the Federal Interior Ministry did not issue the notification according to the conditions put forward by the Provincial government.

Legal expert Farogh Naseem stated during an interview that the Federation could provide powers to the Rangers through Articles 148 and 149. However, a deadlock set in after the resolution passed by Sindh Assembly.


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