PTA holds awareness session on cloud computing

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), in collaboration with National ICT R&D Fund and PLUM grid, arranged an awareness session on cloud computing at the PTA headquarters. PTA Chairman Dr Syed Ismail Shah, senior officers along with representatives from industry and academia attended the session. The PTA chairman said on the occasion that the authority is focusing on creating awareness on upcoming technologies to benefit the economy. Cloud computing is being used to store large data in developed world, hence providing new opportunities for the young technology experts, he added. National ICT R&D Fund CEO Asif Roomi pledged support for the project. PLUM grid Engineering Director Dr Affan Syed said PLUMgrid is a leading SDN/OpenStack networking provider with experience in delivering OpenStack trainings. It arranged this session to create awareness for a set of training workshops to be conducted in Pakistan over the next 12 months in different cities, he added. He said, “OpenStack is a project that provides a suite of open-source software and APIs to manage cloud setup, orchestration of its components, dynamic monitoring and control of any private cloud.” He said the project takes an open-source view to allow innovation, adding that the OpenStack foundation pushes aggressively to support several different implementations of its core components to prevent vendor lock-in.

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