Protest and protest, In and Outside Sindh assembly

Karachi (Neo Web Desk) Sindh assembly session turned hot when MQM parliamentarians protested and raised slogans against the extra-judicial killing of their activist “M. Hashim”.

Sindh Assembly MQM members joined the assembly session wearing black ribbons on their arms and carrying M. Hashim’s photos to protest against the extra judicial killing of their activist M. Hashim.

When the session started, under the speakership of Agha Siraj Durrani, MQM assembly members dominated the session with explosive speeches and detests the murder of their activist.

The session was making it fine until Opposition leader and MQM leader Kh. Izhar ul Hassan started his speech, and the matter seemingly started getting out of control. When the speaker tried to stop, MQM members started raising sky high slogans and started marching towards the speaker’s dice in a group. PPP members intervened and encircled the speaker’s roaster. This stalemate was followed by a lot of pushing and pulling by the assembly members.

This protest and slogan was accompanied by the protest of the disabled persons outside the assembly, demanding quota in govt. jobs. Police tried to stop the protest by force and a disabled woman got fainted. The disabled protesters lay on the road and blocked the traffic.

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