Private university’s VC arrested on charges of financing terrorists

KARACHI - Vice Chancellor of a private university was arrested from Clifton area for allegedly facilitating the terrorists of outlawed organisations.

According to a private TV channel – Dunya News – the VC had been allegedly funding Al-Qaeda – a banned terrorist outfit – from personal account and was also a business partner of the terrorists involved in Safoora tragedy. During the interrogation, he confessed to the charges of links with outlawed organisations and funding the terrorists.

He also revealed that he was a business partner of the terrorist involved in Safoora tragedy – Saad Aziz. He further confessed that the arrested members had also established a network in the educational institutions.

According to media reports, Adil Masood Butt fell into the hands of the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) during a raid in the university. He was identified by arrested Al-Qaeda terrorist Khalid Yousuf Bari during interrogation by the Joint Investigation Team (JIT). Evidence had also been found from Adil Masood Butt’s bank account in this regard.

During a press conference, CTD In-charge Umar Khitaab in a shocking revelation further informed that this network of suspects also included 20 women while arrested terrorist Khalid Yousaf Bari’s wife was the leader of group of women. Their job was to brainwash people. The CTD In-charge further informed that the group of women had gone into hiding after the arrests were made.

According to the CTD In-charge, Bari was a former engineer for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and he had been linked to Al-Qaeda Karachi’s chief Umar Chandio.

Highly qualified terrorist aides were being located and arrested quite frequently in the country these days for allegedly funding terrorists. It was not the first time that highly educated people had been found involved in terrorist activities. Earlier, Sabeen Mahmud’s murderers were also educated from some of the top universities.


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