Private schools ‘won’t reopen’ till Punjab govt owns security task

LAHORE – The All-Pakistan Private Schools Federation has decided not to open schools from Monday (Feb 1) in protest against the government’s ‘harassment’.The public and private schools were scheduled to reopen on Monday after the Punjab government had announced their closure from Jan 26 to 31 because of what it said ‘extreme cold weather’. However, the All-Pakistan Private Schools Federation on Saturday decided in a meeting that they would not reopen schools until the Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif redressed their grievances.In addition to the core member schools of the association in Punjab, it said the decision would also be implemented by all Punjab-based schools of Lahore Grammar School, Beaconhouse Group (including BN and TNS-B), City School Network, LACAS, Salamat School System and Kids Kampus, Learning Alliance and Lahore Preschool, Resource Academia, LGS Landmark Schools, Allied Schools, Smart Schools and the Educators.The association said the decision was taken because of the Punjab government’s actions like shifting of the entire onus of security on schools. The association said the private schools were already in compliance with the written security guidelines that were issued in December 2014.Private schools are responsible for the provision of education. They cannot be expected to, nor do they have the resources to provide the level of security that is being demanded by the government,” the body said.“The state is responsible for the safety and security of its citizens and of our children. It cannot pass on the entire responsibility for security to educational institutions. Private schools will therefore not reopen until the government fulfills its duty and assumes responsibility for the safety and security of our children and schools,” it added.


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