Prince William fears Duchess Catherine and his children are in danger

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have stoically shown their support for France following the horrifying Paris terrorist attacks, paying their respects to the victims and their families at the French Embassy in London.

But behind closed doors, Prince William is becoming increasingly concerned that Catherine and his beloved children, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, are in danger – with the Paris tragedy yet another stark reminder that the royal family are prime targets for an ISIS terrorist plot.

Only two months ago, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that a shocking ISIS plan to wipe out the royal family had been foiled, with the warning that they could strike again at any time.

‘The royals are a huge advertising target for ISIS, who want the publicity of taking out a royal,’ explains Princess Diana’s former bodyguard Ken Wharfe.

Duchess Catherine and Prince George. Photo: Getty Images.

‘William will be only too aware of the threat and danger to him and his family, and will obviously want everything to be done to protect them,’ Ken says.

‘Diana’s shocking death taught William at a young age how tragic events can happen, and he has always made it a priority to keep Kate out of harm’s way wherever possible – and now, of course, his children,’ says a source close to the couple.

‘Sadly they will have to live with this problem for the rest of their lives, which they accept and just get on with.’

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