PPP won’t allow anyone to encroach power, says Zardari

DUBAI: In a message issued on the eve of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) founder Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s birth anniversary, former president and PPP co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari said that his party would oppose any attempt of an individual or institution to take control of the country.

Zardari on the occasion called for accountability of those judges who took oath under Provisional Constitutional Order (PCO).

He said that portraying oneself as a holy cow or conducting selective accountability is also ‘corruption’ and his party would also oppose it. Those people who had indemnified dictatorships should also be held accountable, he added.

The PPP co-chairman further said that people responsible for compromising national security through non-state actors should also be taken to task. “Shaheed Bhutto believed that power belongs to the people and today we reiterate our pledge that we will not allow any individual or institution to usurp the power that belongs to the people and people alone,” he said.

The PPP pays homage to all citizens and political workers who have rendered huge sacrifices in the fight against tyranny and for standing by democracy, he added. “We will also not allow any individual or institution to usurp this power on any pretext whatsoever.”

The judiciary has the powers to review the laws made by the parliament on the touchstone of the constitution but it cannot make laws on its own, he said, adding that the executives have to implement laws without interference. Zardari urged the people, particularly the youth, to study the political philosophy of the country’s first directly elected prime minister with a view to drawing inspiration for overcoming the myriad social, economic and political challenges facing the country.

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