Port workers fired via text message

Australia (Neo Web Desk) Maritime Union Australia (MUA) reports that around 100 workers from Sydney and Brisbane were informed in a text message last night that they no longer had a job. It’s believed about 56 staff were let go from Port Botany, and 40 from Brisbane.

Staff reportedly received a blunt text message at 11.30pm advising them to check the email addresses for a personal letter regarding a redundancy program notification.

In the email staff were advised that their position would not be retained and that no redeployment opportunities were available.

Around 100 furious workers, union officials and supporters flocked to Port Botany on Friday morning, declaring they will fight the company over the job losses.

The MUA reports that guards have been placed on the gates and workers have not even been give the curtsey of clearing out their lockers.

Every senior union delegate had been sacked and the company was trying to break the MUA’s influence, Queensland secretary Bob Carnegie said.

“Hutchison say they are making these workers redundant because of a downturn in business but they have actively gone out and told customers not to use them,” he said.


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