Police introduce ‘panchiat’ for registration of cases

LAHORE: Lahore Police has introduced “Panchayat” system for the registration of cases in police stations.

Sattu Katla Station House Officer Javed Siddique said on Sunday that on the special directives of CCPO Capt Muhammad Amin Vance and DIG Operations Dr Haider Ashraf introduced system and now referring to panchiat new applications for finding truth. In reply to a question regarding court orders for the registration of cases, he said he would never register any case on court orders unless until he is himself satisfied. One aggrieved person, Mian Ziaullah Aftab, said he had been visiting police station for registration of genuine case for the last three months but all the time police adopted delaying tactics. He further disclosed that Sattu Katla police after greasing palms even registered theft case number 1152/15 against him while he was performing Haj. He said he came to know when he returned home after Haj that police had booked him on the false application of Rashid Hameed, who was wanted in his case.


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