Police fail to recover baby kidnapped from ASH

KARACHI: The newborn baby girl kidnapped from the labor room of Abbasi Shaheed Hospital on Friday afternoon has not been recovered yet.Ironically, the ASH refused to admit their failure in making arrangements for the security of the newborns. “It is not the duty of the hospital to protect the newborn, parents have to do it on their own,” said Dr. Hina, spokesperson of ASH.

She added that since it’s a big hospital the administration cannot keep an eye on every patient and their attendants. It is to be noted that a lady resident of New Karachi Noor Begum delivered a baby on Friday but two hours later the baby got kidnapped.Nazuk Hussain, father of the baby girl, told Daily Times that this was their first baby girl. Noor Begum, the Pashto-speaking mother, said that an unknown lady wearing Burka came to her bed and said that her sister-in-law was also admitted in the same ward.

When the staff came to change her clothes the said unknown woman took her baby and rushed to the stairs. “We told the hospital administration, but no one stopped her,” she said, adding that after the incident she called the police and the police took some staff members in their custody but released them within an hour.Now, she added, more than two days have passed and the police haven’t yet recovered my baby. “The hospital administration is involved in this kidnapping,” blamed Nazuk Hussain.


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