Police 15 APP launched to register complaints, crimes

Introduction of technology in major fields in Pakistan has remained a key task. However, Lahore Police has taken the lead once again by introducing a GPS-aware complaint system for Android devices.

The application is named Rescue 15 and has an embedded feature of GPS through which the department of police can pinpoint the location from where the complaint was lodged, helping them take action swiftly against criminals.

The application provides three services:

Rescue 15 emergency services,

Anti-Terrorism Hotline,

Police Complaint Cell.

“This is the only GPS-enabled app in Lahore,” boasted Inspector Abid Rasheed, in-charge of the Ops Room, their state-of-the-art command and control room.


The application was prepared by the Lahore Police in accordance with Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB), said DIG Operations Dr. Haider Ashraf.

This initiative by PITB has solely been taken to get rid of ‘thana culture’ in Pakistan by embedding the use of technology and to strengthen the bond between the public and the police departments.

How It Works

To set up the account on the application, the following personal information is required for authorization:

Full Name.

Mobile Number.




Police Station.

Birth District.

Moving Towards Digitizing

Few innovative features have also been integrated in the Rescue 15 application.

Through Photo Report, complainants can take the picture of the incident.

Text Report can be used to write down the incident report.

An emergency SOS button is also present in the app.

Status Inquiry feature lets the relevant people stay updated on the progress of a complaint.

The application also possesses a drop down menu through which the intensity of the crime can also be notified to the police, claimed the department of Lahore police.

Warning Issued

Earlier, the police released a statement on Twitter that strict actions against people will be taken if ther’re found abusing the application.

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