“PM’s removal is inevitable to stop corruption in the country”: Imran Khan

Islamabad: chairman PTI Imran Khan is addressing to media. We are ready for 2 November Islamabad rally. You will see a tsunami of people in Islamabad on 2nd November. The people are aware now through media and social media. He said if Nawaz Sharif is not guilty he should not be afraid and should disclose his assets for investigations.

PMLN made a mock of elections. He accused election commissioner for backing PMLN in 2013.

There is anarchy in the state. If corrupt mafia will retain their authoritarian rule the country will sunk in load of debts and public is to bear the burden.

The public is aware of corruption of the government. They know that it is necessary to eradicate corruption to save the country.

“To inaugurate different highways Panama issue can not be overlooked,” PTI captain said.  In a democratic government Prime minister is accountable to public and parliament. Nawaz Sharif is leader of the corrupt mafia and PM’s removal is inevitable to stop corruption in the country.

Panama leaks have disclosed Nawaz Sharif’s corruption. How did Hassan Nawaz purchase such expensive flats? The looted money has been used to purchase personal property. Nawaz Sharif should be accountable for Panama Leaks before 2018. But Nawaz government can only wish to rule over KPK.


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