PML-N govt has no policy regarding Kashmir: Bilawal

Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said that the people of Azad Kashmir would make decision regarding their future in the upcoming Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Legislative Assembly elections on July 21.

Addressing a public gathering on Saturday, the PPP chairman said that the people of Kashmir never bowed down before tyrants, further stating that the Kashmiris’ passion to achieve freedom has not lessened. He said that the ruling Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz government does not have any policy regarding Kashmir.

“How many times Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif brought up the issue of Kashmir during past three years?” Bilawal asked.

He said the prime minister emphasises upon maintaining ties with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government instead of working on the foreign policy.

Bilawal said that PMLN is not able of working on the country’s foreign policy.

He said that the government has failed in every department. He stated that the PPP initiated a number of mega projects in the country when it was in power and enquired, “What this government has done instead of working on the Metro Bus project?”

The PPP chairman said that Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had accepted that the targets set for the agriculture sector were not met. He stated that the exports of the country reduced by 13 per cent, adding that the PPP believed in working for the people’s welfare, not on spending funds on only one city.

Bilawal said that false allegations were leveled against the PPP during its tenures. He stated that Prime Minister Sharif is not a leader but was a businessman instead.

“When the nation held you (PM Sharif) accountable, you got ill. What are you hiding?” Bilawal asked.

He asked if the country is developing then why is there so much poverty, adding that the leaders do not want investigation to be carried out against the Panama Leaks issue. He stated that the policy of making commissions and telling lies has pushed the people to the wall.

Bilawal said that the purpose of all the government projects revolve around looting the people. He said that poverty in Sindh is the least as compared to that in other provinces of the country.

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