Nawaz Imran

PM remarks face strong Opposition

LAHORE: Former Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf Punjab president Ejaz Chaudhry has strongly reacted to prime minister Nawaz Sharif calling his political opponents terrorists and termed him the ‘chief economic terrorist.’

“The PTI does not want to stop country’s development but looter prime minister Nawaz Sharif, who illegally laundered his money,” he added.

He said Nawaz Sharif was highly perplexed due to Panama Leaks and his fear vividly exposed during his address of public meetings. He said Nawaz and his ‘darbaris’ were ruining the country like termite.

He said PTI chief Imran Khan had given a shut-up call to Nawaz Sharif’s ‘darbaris’ by presenting himself for accountability along with the prime minister. He said all looters must be subjected to ruthless accountability.

Mr Chaudhry said the recovery of billions of rupees and gold from the Balochistan finance secretary’s residence had put a big question mark on Nawaz Sharif and his government.

He said the finance secretary episode exposed that how country’s wealth was being looted. He said it was high time that the nation woke up and got rid of the corrupt rulers.

He said the PTI’s May 20 public meeting would be a historic event, where hundreds and thousands of people would participate and raise their voice against corruption in the country.

Pervaiz: PML-Q senior leader Chaudhry Pervaiz Elahi has termed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s statement of calling opposition terrorist “inappropriate and deplorable”.

“The PM equated politicians with terrorists showing his nervousness. We in the past had many strong claimants to the chair but the history witnessed their downfall,” he said.

Talking to reporters at his residence here on Saturday, he said the language which the prime minister had started using against the opposition in public meetings was unworthy of his stature.

“Panama Leaks are against the rulers and not the opposition. All parties have unanimously formulated Terms of Reference (ToRs) with regard to probe the offshore holdings of the prime minister’s children,” he said, asking whether the government and the army were on the same page in this regard.

Mr Elahi said the prime minister should keep in mind that the opposition members were elected representatives and “there are members in the parliament who are more senior to Nawaz Sharif and saying words like ‘yeh munh aur masoor ki daal’ and ‘kis ko lalkara hai’ did not suit the prime minister.”

To a question about the proposed judicial commission to probe the Panama Leaks, he said the Chief Justice of Pakistan should have powers under which he could decide. “However under 1956 Act he (CJP) has only the powers of a civil judge. So legislation is needed to empower him,” he added.

Felicitating newly-elected Pakistan origin Mayor of London Sadiq Khan on behalf of the nation, Pervaiz Elahi said he was the first Muslim in the history of Britain who had been elected to the post.


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