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PM Nawaz urges party workers not to arrange mass welcome for him

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif while appreciating the love affection and devotion to him of his party workers on Thursday urged them not to arrange a mass welcome celebration upon his return to the country.

In a message to the party workers from London where he underwent a cardiac surgery on May 31, the Prime Minister said he was appreciative of the overwhelming outpouring of love and regard for him and was grateful to them for expressing solidarity with him.

The prime minister noted the love of his workers during his cardiac surgery and said it was due to their sincere prayers and the blessing of the Allah Almighty that his surgery was a success and he was recovering at a fast pace.

“I treat the love of the people of Pakistan for me and my party as an asset and it is a strong source of strength from me,” he said.

Nawaz Sharif said their love also gave him the energy to serve the masses and work selflessly for his nation and the country.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said as soon as his doctors permitted he would return home and join his party workers.

“Together we will work shoulder to shoulder for the progress prosperity and development of the country and take it forward,” he said in his message.

The prime minister appealed to his party workers and leaders that while he sincerely acknowledged their sentiments and emotions he asked them to postpone their grand welcome celebrations from him.

The prime minister said the recent incidents of terrorism were a cause of concern and grief for the entire nation.

He asked the people to remember the martyrs and their families during the Eid celebrations.

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