PM Nawaz reaffirms resolve to root out terrorism

The Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif addressed the nation today following Sunday’s suicide attack at Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park, Lahore which killed over 70 people and injured over 300. PM Sharif announced that he has cancelled his upcoming visit to the US.

“The terrorists are targeting educational institutes and parks to hide their disappointments and divisions,” the PM said in his address. “I am here to assure you that we will fight against terrorism till the elimination of the final terrorist.”

The PM said that all state institutions are working in tandem.

“When I held office in 2013, we were the first one to initiate our journey against terrorism with complete political harmony. Pakistan Army initiated Zarb-e-Azb to root out the terrorism from Pakistan,” he said.

Nawaz highlighted that Islam is the religion of peace.

“Our religion is the religious of peace. Islam says the murder of one human being is like the murder of humanity. Our Prophet (PBUH) has called the humanity and peace the top attribute of a Muslim,” he said.  “Destroying the state’s buildings and other assets are not the sign of a Muslim and the tolerance of government must not be perceived as its weakness.”

The premier elaborated in his address that the people destroying and harming national and public assets will be brought to the justice.

“Potential targets for the militants have been reduced. There is a visible decrease in terror attacks in Pakistan. Our police and other security institutes have worked day and night to achieve this goal,” the PM added.

Nawaz said terrorists can’t shatter social harmony in Pakistan.

“Pakistan is a nation structured in great social harmony. The terrorists cannot break it,” he said. “We have decided to pull out Pakistan from darkness and to change the fate of poor. No element or terrorist can fail us in this mission. Terrorists should know that defeat is their fate.”

The PM pointed out that targeted educational institutes would never shut down under fear.

“Army Public School and Bacha Khan University are still imparting education. Markets all over the country are full of people,” he said. “We will make Pakistan a hub of peace and prosperity. And security institutes have been ordered to dismantle terrorists and their facilitators.”

Nawaz prayed for the Lahore blast victims.

“I pray for the martyrs of Gulsha-e-Iqbal Park and their families. I have advised CM Punjab to give all possible medical assistance to the injured,” he said adding that he saw hope and determination among the injured. The prime minister also appreciated the role of doctors in catering to the injured.

The PM urged the media to keep an eye on the terrorist elements and educate the masses about them, in order to make Pakistan peaceful and prosperous.

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