PM Nawaz announces to write letter to Chief Justice for judicial commission

ISLAMABAD: PM Nawaz Sharif announced that he has decided to write a letter to Chief Justice of Pakistan to constitute a commission to probe Panama Leaks.

In his address to the nation, PM Nawaz said, “Although I am innocent in Panam Leaks scandal yet I announce a commission under a retired judge to prove my innocence. I along with my entire family volunteer ourselves for accountability”.

He said, “My assets, tax returns and wealth is on record at ECP website. We have been paying taxes since people didn’t even know how to spell the tax word.”

He said, “If any allegation of corruption is confirmed I will resign at that very moment. This is another dexterous attempt to destabilize the govt. The intelligent nation of Pakistan has answered all corruption allegations in every election.”

He said, “I request you to question those who don’t have any source of income yet relishes the facilities of private aero-planes. My family members will clarify themselves but what about the cost this nation suffered during the drama of ‘dharna’ in 2014. This is a planned conspiracy to destroy Pakistan’s democratic system. They are afraid of even losing the next elections as well.”



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