Playstation fans wait ends, can play PS2 titles on PS4

PlayStation fans – get ready for all your Christmases to come at once.

That’s after Sony confirmed that PlayStation 2 emulation is about to be unveiled for the PS4 – essentially meaning that all your old favourites will soon be compatible on the newer console.

The development was first rumoured back when Sony revealed that the Darth Vader PlayStation 4 bundle would include three PS2-era Star Wars games – with many believing that they would be specially adapted for the PS4.

But Digital Foundry were the first to suggest that was not the case – and claimed that the games would be able to run on a PS2 emulator that was secretly added to a previous PS4 firmware update.

They made the bold claim after testing out Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, and Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter – and realising that the console was simulating a PS2 memory card, a feature that developers wouldn’t be able to incorporate.

Sony has since confirmed the development, and said in a statement: ‘We are working on utilising PS2 emulation technology to bring PS2 games forward to the current generation.’

What’s more, you’ll be faced with a smoother game experience than you might have previously remembered – with PS2 titles set to take advantage of a resolution boost, alongside a smoother frame rate of 60 frames-per-second.

However, it’s perhaps worth noting that it won’t just be a case of dusting off old PS2 discs from the attic – as the games are only expected to be available from the PlayStation store.


Courtesy METRO

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