PIMS without specific SOP for male nurses

Islamabad – Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has no specific standard operating procedure (SOP) for male nurses working in intensive care unit (ICU) and emergency wards.An administration official of PIMS told APP that every ward has SOP but there was hardly any distinction between conduct of male and female nurses. The matter of SOPs assumed an added urgency after father of a paralysed 20-year-old girl from Swat alleged that a male nurse, Krishan Kumar, sexually assaulted his daughter at night in the intensive care unit of the hospital last week. According to a committee report of Wafaqi Mohtasib (Ombudsman)’s Secretariat in 2015 about state of affairs in PIMS, an Associate Professor Dr Wajahat Aziz of Department of Rheumatology recommended that SOPs should be regularly audited by each department themselves and the SOPs amended accordingly. But the recent incident clearly showed that the male nurse at that particular night at ICU was working without supervision of any doctor. As according to the report submitted by a committee of doctors to Minister for Capital Administration Dr Tariq Fazal Chaudhry, all the staff except the male nurse were sleeping.According to recommendations of Dr Wajahat to the Mohtasib committee, each department should be given autonomy so that they can formulate their own SOPs for their functioning. These SOPs should address functioning of outpatient department, accident and emergency department, interdepartmental referrals and consultations. The various departments should, thereafter, be held responsible for their working and functioning.The heads of department should be able to request the necessary medic-surgical equipment for their proper functioning and the administration should be made responsible to provide such medic-surgical equipment on priority basis. The Heads of Departments should have some limited amount of finances at hand which can be dispersed for immediate needs of the department. The heads of various departments including the administration should have combined meetings regularly where the SOPs of various departments could be audited and problems discussed to overcome them. The heads of all the departments should raise their problems in such meetings so that all problems, specially needing urgent attention are brought forward to the administration so that they can be solved on priority basis. The administration should liaise with the concerned departments including the finance department on urgent basis to rectify shortcomings. Visit to the hospital clearly shows the facility is running without SOPs and nobody is bothered how important these are to manage a hospital in an efficient and orderly manner.The PIMS treats 10,000 patients daily in its different departments and it has a long way to go before becoming a place where patients feel cared for.

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