PIA to Resume Barcelona, Bangkok, Germany Routes

Pakistan International Airline is aiming to resume its Barcelona, Bangkok and Germany routes, while upgrading its network to Dubai and Saudi Arabia, it has been learned.

National Career that is working on reestablishing its footprint in lost routes is planning to add more planes to the fleet by year end to resume at least its Germany route with-in next few months. For this purpose, PIA will induct its third A330 airliner around January next year to operate a 3 weekly flights to New York-JFK via Leipzig/Halle airport, Germany, instead of the current Manchester, UK stop-over.

Bernd Hildenbrand, the CEO of PIA confirmed that Pakistan International Airline will resume its long-lost Germany route through Leipzig for New York flights. He said that this is mainly due to the fact that Manchester is an expensive airport and this is why they prefer Leipzig for stop-over for flights to FJK. He said that this new route could be operational from January 1st, 2017.

It may be recalled that Airlines from Pakistan are not allowed to operate directly to US. All Pakistani airlines must land somewhere else and do all safety and security re-checks (for passengers and cargo) before heading to any US airport.

Bernd Hildenbrand further confirmed that PIA is aiming to have 60 aircraft by 2020 and more than 100 by 2025.

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