Phanteks Announces New Chassis That Allows Two Separate PCs From One Case

Phanteks, known for their innovative computer design and chassis, have launched a new product, the Enthoo Mini XL Dual System. This new system is designed in such a way that it can run two fully functional PCs, with their separate motherboards and all other components, while being inside just one enclosure/chassis.Obviously since it isn’t a giant chassis, there are some limitations in play like the motherboard sizes. The Dual System model of Phantek’s old Enthoo Mini XL chassis can run one micro ATX and one micro ITX motherboard at a time. Since there isn’t a lot of room available inside the system for two PSUs, the system utilizes a power splitter to divide power from a single PSU into both computers which obviously means that the PSU has to be a beefy one.The case is designed in such a way that the power supply is hidden away. As for airflow, three 140mm fans are pre-installed, and you get brackets for mounting AIO cooling solutions

The Enthoo Mini XL Dual System boasts an aluminium faceplate with a matte finish, with two sets of I/O ports at the front, one for each motherboard. There’s also an LED light that runs the length of the enclosure, which can be customized with 10 colors. The case features easily removable drive cages and brackets to install SSDs, dust filters, and the vendor’s binders for cable management.Enthoo Mini XL Dual System is expected to go on sale later this month for around €210 and seems to be something that a lot of people with not enough room to house their gaming machines as well as workstation PCs would be interested in.


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