PFUJ to observe black day tomorrow as Neo TV attacked

Karachi:PFUJ has called for a complete black day tomorrow,following attacks on Neo tv and Ary News offices at Karachi.The chaos follows after MQM activists end their hunger strike on Altaf Hussain call,raising anti-Pakistan and anti-Army slogans.

After a week long hunger strike and failed dialogues with Govt Altaf Hussain called off his activists from the hunger strike.While raising anti-Pakistan and Anti-Army slogans Altaf Hussain directed his activists to attack news channels which don’t give proper coverage to MQM.

The activists started to raise hell and started attacking markets in Saddar as they move towards Neo Tv office.With No police petrol and absence of Rangers,the staff of more than four news channels found themselves at the mercy of those hooligan who took no prisoners.

Neo TV Cameraman M.Rehan was badly tortured and was left with a broken leg.Same fate follows ARY News staff.

PFUJ President declaring this as an attack on free journalism has called a black day tomorrow for journalists.Furthermore he barred Journalists and reporters from airing or reporting MQM related news.

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