Pathankot attack: Pakistani investigation team reaches India

Pakistan Investigation team regarding the Pathankot attack has reached IndiaNEO News reported. The team reached India in a chartered plane.According to media sources the team will be given a briefing about the attack in Delhi.

The Pakistani team comprises of Lt Colonel Tanveer Ahmed, Lt Colonel Irfan Mirza, Counter Terrorism Department representative Ray Tahir and Gujranwala CTD officials Shahid Tanveer and Arshad Ahmed.

“The team will investigate the eyewitnesses of the attack,” sources said.According to Indian media reports the Pakistani team will be allowed a limited visit to the attacked airbase. “Furthermore, it will not be given access to examine all the evidence,” sources revealed.

The Pathankot airbase was attacked by the militants on January 2, 2016. The operation by Indian security forces stretched to three days in which six Indian soldiers and four attackers were killed.Indian intelligence claimed that Pakistan-based banned militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) is behind the attack. The Pakistani government detained JeM Chief Azhar Masood, along with his close companions, while the group’s offices in Bahawalpur were sealed.

Pakistan has shown complete consent for mutual investigation and sending the investigation team is one of the major steps taken in this regard. Reportedly the Indian authorities are not ready to give the Pakistani team complete access to the evidence and the site.


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